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Watch Air Canada's video from the AC Race in Basel, Switzerland!

Watch Air Canada's video from the AC Race in Basel, Switzerland!
Travel advisors participate in the 2021 Air Canada Race. (Air Canada)
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A couple of weeks ago, Air Canada’s global sales team, in partnership with Switzerland Tourism, hosted a group of travel agents at the latest edition of the Air Canada Race in Basel, Switzerland. 

PAX was on location to cover the lively competition, which is inspired by The Amazing Race, the television show. 

From morning to afternoon, each group was tasked with solving six different challenges in six locations throughout charming Basel, a boutique, arts-oriented town affectionately referred to as “the cultural capital of Switzerland.”

After 18 months of ever-changing pandemic restrictions, a dramatically reduced network and lockdowns, the event was held to show travel professionals what it’s like to get back to travelling. 

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And the goal was to illustrate that travel can resume in a safe and responsible manner by familiarizing these travel agents with our layered approach to safety.

From left: Nino Montagnese, VP, Air Canada Vacations; Rafael Krebs, Movenpick Hotels Switzerland; Lisa Pierce, vice-president, Canada & USA Sales, Air Canada; Pascal Prinz, director for Switzerland Tourism - Canada. (Pax Global Media)

“There is a great sense of optimism as travel is returning, but as that occurs it’s critical that everyone understands what to expect in this new environment. By hosting travel agents for this first international trip in quite some time, we wanted to fill them with the same confidence and optimism that all of us at Air Canada have about the future,” said Lisa Pierce, vice-president, Canada and USA Sales at Air Canada.

Between Aug. 21 and Sept. 2, 36 agents took part in the event that was made possible by Switzerland Tourism, which generously provided hotels, meals and ground transportation. 

There were 6 teams, 6 challenges, in 6 unique locations! (Pax Global Media)

Agents qualified for participation earlier in the year by completing an Air Canada and Switzerland Tourism training program, meeting booking incentives and/or participating in a social media contest.

Air Canada has released a video from the race. Watch it here!  

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