Tuesday,  May 18, 2021  11:22 pm

TravelBrands releases 6 unique brochures for Canadian travel

TravelBrands releases 6 unique brochures for Canadian travel
Pax Global Media

With many Canadians opting to travel within Canada this year and early next year, TravelBrands has created six new brochures showcasing travel across Canada.  

From winter holidays to self-driving tours, the brochures inspire travellers and assist in planning a great Canadian getaway. 

TravelBrands’ six new brochures are: 

  • Canada Winter Holidays
  • Canada Rail & Cruise
  • Canada City Packages
  • Canada Escorted Tours
  • Canada Self-Drive
  • Canada Excursions

“We know that Canadians are craving travel so we created brochures that made it easy to get away, their way,” said Nathalie Tanious, COO, TravelBrands. “There are over 400 pages of unique content and trip ideas between all brochures. Our goal is to let clients experience Canada however they desire.As a Canadian-based organization, we believe now is the perfect time to rediscover Canada. We scoured north, south, east and west to find the best of the best travel experiences.” 

Whether it is exploring the city of Toronto, a two-week journey in the mountains, or experiencing the Northern Lights, TravelBrands has curated a diverse range of experiences that vary in location, budget and time. 

There are hundreds of customized options for the itineraries to choose from. Travellers can take advantage of multi-destination trips, long or short stays and flexible travel options based on their needs. 

TravelBrands offers a range of stays, tours and excursions, airline options, car rentals and more within Canada. 

Each brochure has its own unique promotion for travellers. Additional information regarding Canadian themed promotions can be found on the last page of each brochure. 

To book a Canadian getaway, visit www.travelbrandsaccess.com or email canadaquote@travelbrands.com.