Wednesday,  December 1, 2021  7:48 am

The Travel Corporation teams up with Uplift

The Travel Corporation teams up with Uplift
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The Travel Corporation (TTC) has partnered  with  Uplift , a buy now, pay later payment solution focused exclusively on travel. 

Both companies teamed up together to assist travel advisors and their clients by introducing an innovative new way to book their travel and spread the cost over time. 

With pent-up travel demand forecasted for 2021, guests no longer need to put their holiday dreams on hold and have the freedom to travel even before they finish making these affordable monthly payments over an 11-month period. 

TTC guests can buy their trip now, save 10 per cent and pay over time through Uplift with annual percentage rates (APRs) from 7 per cent. 

Easy payment options

Uplift’s easy payment options provide  Contiki,  Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, CostsaverLuxury GoldUniworldand  African Travel, Inc . guests with the peace of mind and flexibility to book and pay for their future travel with confidence, by helping them manage their budgets and book the vacation of their dreams today. 

Clients can inform their travel advisors that they are interested in applying for Uplift’s payment plans when booking their TTC dream trip of a lifetime. 

With TTC’s guided brands having 2021 and 2022 European pricing in place, guests can lock in their preferred departure dates on the most popular itineraries and book and pay for their trips with confidence.

  “As we have shared stories throughout 2020 about our first 100th anniversary this year, The Travel Corporation continues to be driven by service and is constantly innovating around new ways to make travel more personalized and accessible with the best technology benefitting our loyal Travel Advisors  and their clients,” said Brett Tollman, chief executive of TTC “Our new partnership with Uplift includes our award-winning brands such as  Contiki, Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, CostsaverLuxury Gold, Uniworld and African Travel and further assists us in building on this commitment by offering our guests another way to pay for their vacations. We believe this may be applicable during these very difficult, challenging times for some, and therefore fits their personal needs while providing a seamless booking and payment solution as well as experience." 

Uplift’s omni-channel payment platform integrates into TTC’s Travel Advisors’ booking platforms, creating a seamless guest experience.

“Like TTC, we believe travel is an essential part of the human experience,” said Uplift chief commercial officer Tom Botts. “As we all look forward to traveling again soon, guests will require more payment options. Uplift is the ideal solution, allowing customers to book the trip they deserve while managing their expenses during these uncertain times." 

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