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Save more, do more: Sunwing releases comedic winter commercial

Save more, do more: Sunwing releases comedic winter commercial
Sunwing's winter ad challenges travellers to think about getaways to the sun in a different light. (Sunwing)
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Sunwing Vacations has released its new winter campaign and commercial, which challenges travellers to think about a getaway to the sun in a different light. 

This year’s commercial spot taps into the distinct personas that emerge when Canadians embark on their well-deserved getaways, from the sunscreen denier to the treetop skimmer, and paints a portrait of how Sunwing exceeds travellers’ expectations through clever juxtapositions and lighthearted storytelling. 

Directed by Benji Weinstein, an award-winning director with a distinct comedic tone and notable international portfolio, Canadians are invited to uncover their own vacation personas in Sunwing’s latest Save More, Do More creative commercial and find out how they can maximize their time in paradise by saving more. 

Sunscreen denier? Sunwing taps into the distinct personas that emerge when Canadians embark on getaways. (Sunwing)

“Since introducing Sunwing Vacations’ new value proposition and whimsical brand personality last season, our teams have dedicated the last year to engaging with our customers to gain a deeper understanding of their diverse travel styles and preferences so we can continue to evolve alongside them,” said Samantha Taylor, chief marketing officer at Sunwing Vacations Group. “In an increasingly competitive market, we’ve learned that our success comes from being distinct and our latest winter campaign, one rooted in relatable humour and optimism, is a true representation of how we’re continuing to build on our brand identity. We’re telling the story that leisure and all inclusive travel goes beyond what’s familiar, and showing how our customers can save more and do more with us.” 

The creative concept for the campaign was spearheaded by Sunwing’s creative agency john st. in collaboration with Sunwing’s in-house creative team, and comes to life via a commercial spot broadcasted on specialty channels in Toronto and Montreal, radio, out-of-home, social media, digital video and a cinema buy with commercial placements at Cineplex theatres this fall. 

There's also new content partnerships with creators, including Canadian media personality, comedian and mom, Jessi Cruickshank, representing the vacationing families that are core to the Sunwing brand. 

Watch the new ad here!

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