Sunday,  January 24, 2021  3:20 am

Globus adds new e-brochure to encourage booking with a travel advisor

Globus adds new e-brochure to encourage booking with a travel advisor
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The Globus family of brands has added a “Why Book with a Travel Advisor” e-brochure to its artillery of complimentary marketing materials available for travel advisor use.

“Vacations are meant to relieve stress, not create more,” said Stéphanie Bishop, managing director for the Globus family of brands. “Travel advisors provide that value. Not only do they have the knowledge and dexterity to act quickly if things don’t go as planned, they can offer expert advice and assistance to help travellers navigate risk-free bookings with flexibility as well as health and safety assurances. That service and support is paramount today.”

Why use a travel advisor

In addition to sharing the stress-free benefits of working with a travel advisor, the new “Why Book with a Travel Advisor” e-guide, provides travellers a dozen reasons they should use a travel advisor for their next journey, including:

  • Skilled Navigators – In a sea of travel information, agents know how to sail through options and steer clients in the right direction.
  • Matchmakers – One-size-does-not-fit-all. Advisors take the time to discover clients’ personal travel styles and interests and match them with the right experience.
  • Added-Value – Advisors have access to exclusive perks, deals and steals.
  • Exclusive & Personalized Service – Advisors know what their clients value and they can ensure every detail of their vacation is perfectly planned.

Travel advisors can visit the company’s Travel Agent Portal at to share this complimentary e-guide with their clients, as well as a many other tools to encourage confidence and bookings.

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