Thursday,  December 7, 2023  6:26 pm

Eruption reported at Iceland volcano did not occur

Eruption reported at Iceland volcano did not occur

Following a reassessment of seismic activity at Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano over the weekend, a heightened aviation warning announced on Saturday has been returned to the second-highest level of caution.

On Aug. 23, the Iceland Meteorlogical Office reported what was believed to be a sub-glacial eruption and raised the country's aviation warning to red – the highest level – indicating that ‘eruption is imminent or in progress’ with ‘significant emission of ash into atmosphere likely.’ On Sunday, the office stated that following examination of the activity recorded, an eruption did not occur and the aviation warning was reduced to the orange level announced late last week.

Hundreds of quakes in the volcano’s vicinity continue to be reported by scientists closely monitoring the situation.

(Photo courtesy of Icelandic Meteorological Office)