Saturday,  January 16, 2021  2:49 am

Contiki reveals Canadian summer travel trends among millennials

Contiki reveals Canadian summer travel trends among millennials
Pax Global Media

Contiki recently surveyed 1,100 Canadian Millennials and Generation Z travellers between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out what their upcoming travel plans look like as domestic travel throughout Canada takes off this year. 

The research comes as Contiki, in response to the uptick in demand for domestic travel, prepares to launch new trips this July that focus on the very best of Canada. 

According to Contiki's survey, the top travel experiences in Canada are...

  • 76% are looking to discover foodie experiences (local food, wine and breweries) 
  • 70% hope to embark on hiking, biking and adventures
  • 67% would like to see the Northern Lights
  • 64% look forward to wildlife encounters
  • 54% hope to learn more about Canada’s history and culture 

While the top destinations in Canada are...

  • 57% of respondents voted for Alberta and The Rockies
  • 56% of respondents voted for Vancouver Island
  • 55% of respondents voted for the East Coast
  • 52% of respondents voted for Coastal British Colombia
  • 37% of respondents voted for Quebec 

Of the respondents, 38% said they would would travel throughout Canada for four to seven days; 29% would travel throughout Canada for 8-10 days. 

When considering a company to travel with, 93% said hygiene and well-being are important factors; 80% said they'd watch how much they spend on travel; 72% said they want to visit destinations that are less crowded; and 52% said that booking with a tour company is safer than booking independently.  

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