Sunday,  July 21, 2019  11:45 am

Collette's Canadian sales team grows again

Collette's Canadian sales team grows again

Fresh from its 100th anniversary celebrations in Rhode Island this summer, Collette has expanded its sales team throughout Canada.

The expansion "will allow for a more cohesive strategic plan throughout all regions and the ability to strengthen relationships with partners and guests through communication and collaboration," Collette said in a release, adding that "expanding the team also ensures that requests are met with urgency and support."

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The new sales team includes George Christakis, head of sales, Canada; Shane Coupland, business development manager, Atlantic Canada; Ryan DeSouza, business development manager, Southwestern Ontario; Meaghan McMahon, business development manager, Eastern Ontario & Montreal; Shane Galivan, business development manager, Central & Northern Ontario; Brent Jeffrey, business development manager, Alberta; Danielle Martins, business development manager, Manitoba & Saskatchewan; and John Goranson, business development manager, British Columbia.

“Expansion is key in regards to development, success, and improvement,” said George Christakis, Head of Sales, Canada. “We know that this growth will ensure that we exceed our goals and objectives, while impacting Collette as a whole.”

Earlier this fall, the company also relaunched its Explorations line of immersive travel experiences.