Sunday,  August 14, 2022  3:30 pm

Brendan Vacations launches tours across new “bridge” connecting Ireland & Scotland

Brendan Vacations launches tours across new “bridge” connecting Ireland & Scotland
(Brendan Vacations)
Pax Global Media

It’s good to see that the travel industry hasn’t lost its sense of humour.

To mark April Fools’ Day (April 1), Celtic travel company, Brendan Vacations, sent an email to their guests expressing excitement over a new “Amádain Bridge” connecting Ireland and Scotland.

The bridge, to be completed this summer, would bring the two countries together creating more opportunities for exploration and easy travel.

The email continued to announce that Brendan Vacations would be launching new trips with travel over the bridge and that guests will be able to forgo the hassle of a short flight or ferry ride to get to Ireland or Scotland in favour of a 12-mile drive, bike ride or even walk along the Amádain Bridge.

The ruse continued on, stating that during their journey, guests would be able to enjoy spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean with a pitstop at the Halfway House Pub, located at the midway point of the bridge to enjoy a pint of Guinness or a dram of Scottish whiskey.

Eventually the travel company came clean and explained that amádain is, in fact, the Gaelic word for “fool” and that the bridge was an April Fool’s joke before going on to highlight some real travel options within the two Celtic neighbouring countries.

“Happy April Fool's Day from the nation of story (and tall tale) tellers at Brendan Vacations!” the company wrote.

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