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5 memorable gifts from Intrepid for travel agents to offer their clients

5 memorable gifts from Intrepid for travel agents to offer their clients

More experiences, less things.

It's a lifestyle that's been solidifying itself in recent years, and a trend that carries on over through the holiday season.

Whether it’s a gift for the holiday or a special occasion, these offerings from adventure travel company Intrepid Group, offer meaningful experiences to any world explorer this year.

"We’re a responsible business that’s passionate about providing immersive experiences that educate and change the way people see the world," said Darshika Jones, director of North America for Intrepid Travel. "This year, we want more Canadians to experience the power of travel as an they’re actively seeking experiences over things. Intrepid goes beyond offering travel to consumers by providing real insights into local life, those authentic moments when you know you’re really alive and experiencing something special, a gift that can’t be wrapped but will be remembered forever.”

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For the millennial

With 80 trips on every continent to choose from, Intrepid’s dedicated range of 18 to 29s Adventures offers experiences like venturing across the world to watch the festival of lights like a local in India, or an epic 20-day trek from India to Nepal, with heritage stays in Rajasthani and a visit to the Taj Mahal. All trips are carbon offset on behalf travellers and locally-led and run, giving back to people and the planet with every booked trip.

For experienced travellers

Adventure is for everyone, even the well-travelled. Intrepid’s Peregrine Adventures offers premium small-group tours in more than 80 countries so you can give the spirit of adventure to the experienced traveller in your life who wants to visit new and exciting destinations in comfort. Send them on a leisure cruise of the secluded archipelago of Thailand’s west coast on an intimate small-ship adventure cruise, or skipping along the undiscovered west fjords of Iceland and stopping at Cycladic ports for grilled octopus and fresh olives.

For the foodie

The most satisfying way to get to know a place is through its food. For the foodie, Intrepid Group’s largest brand, Intrepid Travel, offers more than 30 culinary-themed adventures in destinations like Taiwan and Mexico. What better experience than tasting the depth of worldly cuisine, like eating spice-infused tajine with a Berber community in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, or sipping on borscht cooked by a local “mama” in Russia.

For the philanthropic traveller

This year, gift your loved ones with the opportunity to contribute to world causes they’re most passionate about, in destinations they’ve travelled to. Whether that’s giving a rural Moroccan girl access to education, increasing employment for marginalized youth in southeast Asia, or protecting elephants and other wildlife in Sri Lanka, Intrepid’s The Intrepid Foundation will match all Global Gifts vouchers purchases dollar-for-dollar.

From November 27, gift-givers can choose from eight vouchers to support the following projects: The gift of elephant conservation in Sri Lanka, the gift of female empowerment in Kenyathe gift of skills training in Cambodia, the gift of opportunity for refugees in Turkey, the gift of education in Morocco, the gift of animal welfare in Egypt, the gift of marine protection in Costa Rica, or the gift of nature conservation in Chile.

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For the active adventurer

This type of gift can’t be wrapped. Send the adventurous spirit in your life on trips like an Intrepid Travel tour to conquer the bucket-list Mount Kilimanjaro, or a cycle through rice paddies in Bali and around Bali’s largest active volcano, Mt. Batur. It’s an adventure from start to finish that encourages travellers to experience the world in a new way, away from the well-worn paths and into remote areas.