Saturday,  February 4, 2023  3:50 am

WestJet's Matthew Djorsev now working at CAA

WestJet's Matthew Djorsev now working at CAA

Matthew Djorsev, formerly a business development manager with WestJet Vacations, is now working at CAA Club Group (CCG) as the manager of travel product development and relationship management.

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In a statement to PAX, Djorsev said:

"My new role is focused on working with CAA’s preferred partners in both Ontario and Manitoba. In this role I am responsible for growing sales for both CAA Travel as well as the preferred suppliers. I am really looking forward to working with our partners and suppliers to make an impact in the industry. I think there is a huge opportunity to show the value and potential that CAA CCG has to build more business with key partners.

He continued:

"WestJet was a fantastic company to work with, being at WestJet for many years lead me to this next step in my career. I learned many valuable skills throughout the years and looking forward to adapting and using them at CAA."

Djorsev holds a bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University in hospitality and tourism with a minor in sales and marketing. Based out of the head office in Ontario, Djorsev will be responsible for travel product across Manitoba and South Central Ontario.

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