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5Continents hires Michèle Rauzon as national director of sales

5Continents hires Michèle Rauzon as national director of sales

As part of its expansion, 5Continents, which hosts international receptions and specializes in group travel, has hired Michèle Rauzon, a well-known figure in the industry, to the position of national director of sales and development for Canada and the United States.

Rauzon previously worked for Alio in Canada for 18 years, before the company was sold. 

In an exclusive interview with PAX, Rauzon discusses what comes next, alongside her new appointment.

A natural fit

Rauzon officially takes office on Feb. 25. After receiving several enticing job offers, Rauzon says its the reputation and personality of her new employer, led by founder David Boigné, that ultimately convinced her to take part in the unprecedented adventure that is 5Continents.

"5Continents is, above all else, a concierge service based on experience and expertise," said Boigné. "Michèle, with her passion, and love of people, was a very natural choice for us."

"I wanted a position for which I am passionate and that makes me want to get up in the morning," said Rauzon. "David is a positive person who inspires me a lot and for whom I feel immense respect. He has built a good reputation and is supervised by a great team for his project. I am very happy with my choice and look forward to my first day."

Rauzon will bring her representation of two seaside resorts in Barbados, St. Peter's Bay and Port Ferdinand, under the umbrella UNNA Living, to her new role at 5Continents. "These luxury properties are fully compatible with the high-end incentive and travel group expertise that 5Continents offers, so we are very pleased to welcome these two partners to our home," added Boigné.

Travel pros only

According to Rauzon, 5Continents will not be working with the general public. Instead, this unique hybrid between receptive and tour operator will act as a concierge for travel counsellors and prioritize the services of specialized groups, of all sizes and types. Live sales? Not their cup of tea.

"Our market, our audience, will be Canadian travel professionals," Rauzon said. "My main goal, and that's what I missed the most, is to be helpful to the community of counsellors across the country and to serve them on a daily basis."

5Continents takes advantage of the expertise of its master thinker, renowned for its ability to create custom-made, bespoke product lines and products that focus on customer customization. The company will expand to have approximately 15 employees in Montreal in the next few months, not counting the many local specialists elsewhere in the world.

Michèle can be reached at

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