Monday,  July 22, 2019  12:31 pm

Mining halted on Peru's Rainbow Mountain

Mining halted on Peru's Rainbow Mountain

The government of Peru has put a halt to mining explorations on Rainbow Mountain, an increasingly-popular destination for travellers exploring the country.

Bloomberg reported that the Peruvian government blocked all mining exploration licenses on Rainbow Mountain on Nov. 23, part of a decree banning mining activity in the area for 12 months. State news agency Andina quoted the regional government saying the mining ministry will now have to process the documents to declare it a regional conservation area.

Located in Cuzco, Rainbow Mountain has become popular with hikers over the last five years, since the colourful soil – catching the eye of the mining industry with its traces of copper ore, iron ore and other minerals - was revealed under the receding snow. The mountain currently welcoming an average of 1,000 daily visitors.

With so many recent visitors, concerns have also been raised about the impact of overtourism in the region.