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UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya welcomes Celebrity Chef, Lula Martin Del Campo

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  •   10-01-2021  5:54 am
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UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya welcomes Celebrity Chef, Lula Martin Del Campo
Chef Lula Martin Del Campo. (Supplied)
Pax Global Media

UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya has announced the introduction of award-winning cookbook author and well renowned Chef, Lula Martin Del Campo, better known as Chef Lula, as the next celebrity chef to take up the baton at Cueva Siete restaurant, UNICO 20°87°’s rotating chef restaurant concept. 

In this role, Chef Lula will supervise all culinary operations and integrate an exclusively curated menu, engaging guests to savour all the colourful flavours of Mexican cuisine. 

Chef Lula will officially begin her new role on Sept. 29, 2021 and will be the Celebrity Chef at Cueva Siete restaurant for the next two years. 

“I am honoured to begin this journey with the team here at UNICO 20°87°, and excited to have the chance to share my passion while incorporating my unique culinary techniques with Cueva Siete,” said Chef Lula Martin Del Campo. “My most important ingredient is to respect everything that surrounds us. With this we will be able to maintain the Culinary Heritage of Mexico.” 

Known for her influential cookbooks and her most recent restaurants, Cascabel and Marea, Chef Lula was born in Mexico City where she cultivated a passion for the culinary field through her professional and family experiences. 

The vision behind Chef Lula’s dishes comes from her culinary expertise and passion to promote gastronomic culture of the country through what she recognizes as the Culinary Heritage of Mexico. 

Cueva Siete terrace. (Supplied)

Her daily motto, “En la vida y en la cocina...menos es más” which translates to ‘Less is life, and in the kitchen’ Chef Lula highlights her passion for creating dishes that embody people’s identities and “not just to sell food, but to sell experiences.”

Her menu concepts prioritize preventing the extinction of key, authentic Mexican ingredients such as beans, corn and endemic grains. 

Embracing the local art and culture, Chef Lula aims to carry the region’s authenticity into her dishes by implementing her version of the different textures and colourful flavours of Mexican cuisine. 

UNICO 20°87° 's Cueva Siete is not a singular experience, but rather designed as a multi-sensory adventure with constantly changing tastes, textures and sensations. 

With cuisine ranging from simple and healthy to outstandingly indulgent, Cueva Siete provides a wealth of carefully executed options while incorporating an exciting rotating chef concept. 

Inspiration derived from all that is Yacatecan, this regionally focused concept aims to channel the mysticism and reverence of Mayan culture, highlighting Mexico’s culinary diversity. 

During their takeover, each chef integrates locally sourced ingredients to design a unique menu to offer guests a mix of the distinct international flavours this country has to offer.  

A couple of her signature dishes on Cueva Siete restaurant’s menu include Palm Hearts with Red Onion, Tomato, Green Chili, and House Clamato. 

Traditional Mexican Stew with Shredded Chicken, Red Rice and Native Beans from the pot, Conchita Tacos with Creole Corn Tortillas and traditional Yucatecan pork cooked in a ground oven. 

UNICO 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya is delighted to welcome Chef Lula into the kitchen at Cueva Siete restaurant, and is devoted to continuing to provide elevated cultural immersion through Chef Lula’s exclusive Mexican recipes. 

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