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PAX On Location: Exploring a different side of Hard Rock Riviera Maya

PAX On Location: Exploring a different side of Hard Rock Riviera Maya
Christine Hogg

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Hard Rock hotels and resorts are just for music lovers, right?

A brand that's reserved for those who are into the wild parties, late nights, and rocking out?


PAX will be on location at Hard Rock Riviera Maya this weekend, learning about all that the resort has to offer families and couples.

Located in the popular Riviera Maya hotel district, with direct access to the Caribbean Sea, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya offers the ultimate vacation for guests of all ages with both the adults-only and family friendly resort experiences.

This isn't your average "family-friendly" hotel, meaning it's got one safe pool adults can escape to for a few hours, or vice versa — with expansive outdoor pools and private beach, this all-inclusive escape offers nine restaurants, 10 bars and lounges, the intimate adults-only section Heaven, which is home to the Hard Rock signature Rock Spa with 75 treatment rooms, four restaurants and seven sophisticated bars and lounges.

It's basically a resort within a resort. 

And, when the adults are away, kids can still play.

Not your average kiddie pool

Not many all-inclusive resorts can do both adults-only and kid-friendly. 

Adults want to feel like they're on a romantic retreat, but as a family, they crave balance — they want to be able to enjoy an evening  as a couple, but during the day, there need to be enough options to keep the kids happy, too.

That's where Hard Rock Riviera Maya is a game-changer.

The resort offers the following experiences for a younger crowd:

  • The brand-new Woodward Riviera Maya action-sports facility
  • The Kids Club
  • The Cavern — a teens lounge
  • Rockaway Bay
  • A waterpark, snorkeling and kayaking

This week, during a three-day media FAM, PAX will explore everything the new Woodward Riviera Maya facility has to offer, including cool experiences like indoor BMX bike riding, gymnastics, cheer and dance, skateboarding, dry land snowboarding, and so much more! 

And, if you're like this clumsy journalist, while active sports might not be for every parent, the facility boasts a cool interactive digital media centre, where you can actually rent a DSLR to record and photograph your time at the centre.

It's the perfect place for adults to unwind and relax (you can even get drinks and snacks here), while watching the kids have fun.

Rock on

For families who do want to face the music, Hard Rock's Music Lab should do the trick.

Open to kids 12 and older, Music Lab is a free interactive and authentic way for multigenerational families to spend time together and connect through an experiential, music-infused experience.

The program is divided into three unique classes – Jam Band, Spin Session and RockTube. Together, these parts combine to create an all-inclusive musical experience. 

Free of charge, guests can join their very own rock band with seven members, where they'll even get their own band manager (Rock Counselor) that will take them through the rehearsal process and onto the stage where they will play a live show on stage to a packed house.

It's just one more example of how Hard Rock Riviera Maya goes above and beyond to create unique, all-inclusive experiences intended for families to spend quality time together, offering more than just a typical waterpark or babysitting service.

You can even rent your very own Fender guitar, complete with Nixon headphones and a Fender Mustang Floor amplifier to jam out in your room (part of the hotel's Sound of Your Stay program).

We're just getting started, but we'll be here until March 31! Make sure you follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all of the photos and updates.

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