Tuesday,  May 18, 2021  11:13 pm

Palladium offers free COVID-19 insurance to its customers

Palladium offers free COVID-19 insurance to its customers
Palladium Hotel Group announces the launch of COVID-19 insurance, offered free of charge to all customers staying at one of its properties.

As the reopening of its establishments begins, Palladium Hotel Group announces the launch of COVID-19 insurance free of charge to all customers staying in one of its Grand Palladium or TRS properties in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica or Brazil. 

This insurance is "very advantageous," says Julia Ventura, who is responsible for business development at Palladium.

Designed to protect customers against any unforeseen medical issues related to the current pandemic, the new health insurance aims to let vacationers enjoy a safe, unforgettable experience. 

"Thanks to this, customers will benefit from several services included for any incident directly linked to the virus that may appear during their stay," says Palladium.

As long as the pandemic continues, the new health insurance will be offered free of charge by Palladium entirely for 1 year from the day of reopening of each property.

Julia Ventura of Palladium.


Ventura reminds us that in Mexico, the Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres, TRS Coral and Grand Palladium Puerto Vallarta reopened on July 1st, while in Jamaica, the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton and Grand Palladium Jamaica opened their doors on July 10th.

The Grand Palladium Jamaica.

The Dominican Fiesta is scheduled to reopen on July 27th. The other Palladium properties in the Dominican Republic are expected to start welcoming customers on October 9th - except the TRS Cap Cana, which will reopen on October 30th. 

It is also on this date (October 30th) that the four Palladium establishments on the Riviera Maya will reopen.

Coverage includes:

Regarding Palladium's new health insurance, it should be noted that its coverage includes the following elements (the amounts in euros will be converted at the exchange rate of the local currency on the date of the transaction):

  • Costs for any illness:  occurring during the hotel stay up to € 3,000 and for Covid-19 infection up to € 100,000. These costs include medical costs, medicines resulting from medical care provided, as well as hospital costs and ambulance costs requested by a doctor.
  • Medical transfer of patients: when the client is unable to continue his journey due to the virus and must go to the hospital or return home, the transfer will be covered for various means of transport such as train, plane, helicopter or ambulance.
  • Emergency transfer to the hospital: in case of serious illness requiring immediate assistance, this service will take care of the transfer from and to the hotel to the nearest hospital or clinic. This service could also include medical surveillance if necessary.
  • Extension of stay: in the event that the client concerned should not be hospitalized and the doctor prescribes the need to stay at the hotel, the police will cover the costs of extending the stay and those of three of his companions up to one maximum of € 75 per day for 10 days.
  • Repatriation: in the event of death, the new Palladium medical care insurance will organize the repatriation of the deceased and will cover other expenses, in particular those arising from administrative formalities.
  • Sending a driver for medical reasons: if due to an illness, the client is unable to drive his own vehicle, he can request that a professional driver or another person drive his vehicle up to his home.
  • Return of companions : if necessary, the insurance will cover any type of transfer of three of the client's companions to the place of hospitalization or his usual residence. This would be done by the most convenient means of transportation.