Thursday,  December 7, 2023  6:02 pm

Marriott-Starwood merger bringing new hotel brands to Canada

Marriott-Starwood merger bringing new hotel brands to Canada
Don Cleary, president - Canada, Marriott International
Blake Wolfe

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While full details are yet to emerge, Marriott’s acquisition of Starwood Hotels will bring several new hotel brands to Canada, according to the chain’s Canadian president.

PAX recently spoke to Don Cleary, president - Canada, for Marriott International about what the future holds for the brand in Canada and how the changes will impact both travellers and agents.

According to Cleary, the merger will bring additional brands to Canada beyond the 18 which are already here, adding that “there are no plans to rebrand any existing properties resulting from the acquisition.” The merger will bring 71 Starwood properties in Canada under the Marriott brand for a total of 211, Cleary said.

“Now that we have taken on all of the Starwood brands, we have 30 brands across the globe, 18 of which are already here in Canada. We’re hoping to bring some more of the brands into Canada in the future,” Cleary said.

The merger has also raised questions regarding the future of the two brands’ loyalty programs – Marriott Rewards and SPG – which will run concurrently until the programs are fully integrated under a single banner, expected to take place in 2018.

“Marriott has linked its Marriott Rewards program with SPG to give members access to all the benefits, recognition, and experiences they will ever need, available at our hotels across the globe,” said Cleary, adding that the linked programs will also increase the number of destinations available to Marriott and SPG members who want to redeem their points for travel.

“Travel agents can be assured that all our properties will continue to provide the best in service, comfort, and experiences for each and every one of our valued guests,” Cleary added.