Thursday,  April 25, 2019  6:15 am

Uniworld adds waitlist function & more to River Currents booking tool

Uniworld adds waitlist function & more to River Currents booking tool

Uniworld has added several enhancements to its River Currents travel advisor booking tool, offering more opportunities to generate sales and save time.

Among the upgrades is a new waitlist functionality for both Uniworld and U by Uniworld clients, allowing agents to add their clients to a waitlist on selected sold-out cruises for a minimal deposit.

Other River Currents enhancements include:

  • Expanded Promo Code Functionality and Messaging. When utilizing a promotional code, once entered, River Currents will now advise status of the Promo Code as either “successfully applied” or “rejected / invalid”.
  • Clear Break Down of the Savings. In the “Breakdown Section” after the promo code has been applied, it will breakout the savings amount upfront. Travel advisors no longer need to complete a booking to see the full savings breakdown.
  • Ship Board Credits. Any applicable Ship Board Credits will now be notated in the savings breakdown section during the booking.
  • Simple Invoice Sending Options. Should a travel advisor wish to send, view, print or e-mail a copy of an invoice for a booking, they can now do so via River Currents.
  • Booking Status Displays. All bookings made in River Currents are now displayed so that travel advisors can easily determine a booking’s status. Statuses include: Confirmed, Paid in Full, Deposit, Released and Canceled.