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Costa Cruises announces new destinations for 2021/2022 season

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  •   06-04-2021  7:18 am
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Costa Cruises announces new destinations for 2021/2022 season
The Costa Smeralda. (Costa)
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Continuing to outline its program, Costa Cruises is communicating “new important announcements” for the second half of 2021 and the 2022 season.

Among these, new destinations in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the United Arab Emirates and South America. 

In addition, the company announces the positioning in the Mediterranean of three of its most innovative vessels - the Costa Firenze, Costa Toscana and Costa Smeralda - from spring 2022.

“From May 2022 in the Mediterranean, we will put our three most innovative ships into service for the first time, which will allow our passengers to have a truly unique experience,” said Mario Zanetti , President of Costa Cruises.

The Costa Firenze, the youngest ship in Costa's fleet, will embark on its first cruise on July 4 and will continue its activities in the Mediterranean until the end of November 2021. Next winter, it will set sail for Dubai, from where it will offer cruises to the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar (which will allow passengers to visit the Expo 2020 Dubai World Expo ). From April 2022, the Costa Firenze will return to Europe to offer cruises between Italy, France and Spain.

Costa's presence in the Mediterranean will be reinforced by the Costa Toscana. 

Currently under construction, this vessel powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) will begin its career in December 2021. It will offer one-week cruises in the Western Mediterranean with departures from Marseille, with stopovers in Barcelona and Valencia in the spring or Ibiza and Valencia in the summer.

Next winter, the flagship Costa Smeralda will take the place of its twin. The Costa Toscana will go to South America, before returning to the Mediterranean for stays in Italy, France and Spain.

Four additional ships for winter 2021/2022

Costa's programs for winter 2021/2022 will be supplemented by four additional vessels.

The Costa Diadema will depart Savona on September 26 as planned, offering long cruises to Turkey and Greece or Spain and Portugal. From December, the ship will be deployed to the Caribbean, with three different routes to discover some of the most beautiful islands in the region.

The Costa Fascinosa will resume its activities on September 23 from Savona, for a 10-day itinerary to Lisbon, before reaching South America during the winter.

The Costa Deliziosa continues its cruise program in the eastern Mediterranean until January 8, 2022, when it will set off on a round-the-world trip.

Finally, the Costa Luminosa , which already operates in the eastern Mediterranean, will offer two-week cruises to the Canary Islands and Israel.

During the 2022 season, in addition to the Costa Firenze, Costa Toscana and Costa Smeralda, which will sail in the Western Mediterranean, three other ships will sail in the Eastern Mediterranean: the Costa Deliziosa, the Costa Luminosa, and the osta Pacifica .

“Four other of our ships, the Costa Diadema, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Favolosa and Costa Fortuna , will sail in Northern Europe, offering cruises to Baltic towns and Norwegian fjords,” says Costa.

The company will contact passengers and travel agencies impacted by these changes in order to provide them with all the necessary information.

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