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Company invents antimicrobial ID cards for cruise ships

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  •   07-09-2020  10:23 am
  •   Pax Gobal Media
Company invents antimicrobial ID cards for cruise ships
Pax Gobal Media

An “antimicrobial lacquer” may be coming to the ID cards used by cruise passengers and crew. 

Antimicrobial Cards Ltd has invented a revolutionary method of applying antimicrobial lacquer to passenger ID cards issued at embarkation, on both sides of a card, using a small desktop coating machine at point of embarkation, or in advance via online bookings.

Company Director Stephen Black, who is based in the U.K., came up with the idea after struggling for years to find an alternative method.

"Once a card has been personalized by overprinting with details and possibly a Photo ID, then any antimicrobial treatment that might have been previously applied onto the card, will have been covered up," Black said in a release.

Ready in 8 seconds or less

Black noted how the “commercialization of this has been difficult due to production costs and to the almost infinite amounts of film thicknesses needed to be in stock for the various card applications."

With this new method, however, coating pre-printed personalized cards with antimicrobial lacquer, is so simple that the check-in operator simply feeds a printed card into a desktop machine, which sits on the desk next to the card printer.

Antimicrobial lacquer is automatically applied to both sides of the card, instantly UV-dried and is ready in under eight seconds.

"Speed and size were major considerations in the design of the machine," said Stephen.

Antimicrobial cards can aid in the defence against the spread of disease-causing germs and have a 99.99 per cent efficacy against E. Coli, MRSA and more, according to the company.

Several of the substances within the silver-ion based additive have been successfully tested against viruses like COVID-19, such as Influenza, and SARS, the company added.