Thursday,  June 30, 2022  3:29 am

CLIA reveals top reasons for family cruises

CLIA reveals top reasons for family cruises

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has revealed the top five reasons cruise vacations are the best option for multigenerational families looking to travel together.

According to The Family Travel Alliance, the demand for family-friendly travel is one of the fastest-growing segments in the tourism industry and is responsible for more than one-third of all leisure vacations.

The top five reasons include:

Amenities for All Ages: There is no shortage of amenities and activities onboard a cruise ship to suit every preference and age group. Grandparents who enjoy adventure can try a surf simulator or indoor sky diving with their families or, to keep things more relaxed, families can take scenic tours of historic landmarks. Cruises also offer children’s programs, teen clubs, and organized, supervised activities, including karaoke, cooking lessons, scavenger hunts or dance contests.

Flexible Travel: A cruise vacation offers a low-stress and flexible vacation option for grandparents traveling with their families, especially with the help of a travel agent. Families can choose a ship best suited to their travel companions and also choose to do as little or as many activities as they like. Grandchildren and younger travelers can even get involved in the planning process by helping select a destination or particular excursion for the whole family.

Independent Exploration: Cruises provide families a unique opportunity to stay together but also do things independently. For example, family members can explore on their own during the day and come together for a family meal in the evening.

Best Return on Experience: Cruising allows travelers to combine transportation, lodging, dining and entertainment all into one package—perfect for a family traveling together and looking for a stress-free planning experience. A travel agent can also help cruisers find the best options and offerings for large travel groups.

Sharing the World: Cruising offers a chance for grandparents to bond with their families by sharing the joy of traveling and beauty of the world. A cruise vacation allows family members of all ages to explore new destinations, taste new cuisines and immerse themselves in new cultures while creating memories that will last a lifetime.