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Canada’s new environmental measures for cruise industry: 46 successes; just 1 failure

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  •   08-18-2022  11:46 am
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Canada’s new environmental measures for cruise industry: 46 successes; just 1 failure
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The Government of Canada says Canadians have been clear that they expect a healthy environment, with clean waters and clean air—and it is committed to achieving these results.

“Cruise ships are an important part of our economy and tourism sector, and we must all work together to reduce their impact on the environment, and keep our waters safe and clean for everyone. These new environmental measures are a first step towards making shipping cleaner and protecting our waters from coast to coast to coast," said the Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport.

In April 2022, Transport Canada announced strict environmental measures for wastewater on cruise ships that exceed international standards. 

These measures were put in place this year as part of the restart of cruise ships entering and operating in waters.  The government says this will help keep the oceans and environment clean.  

As part of this new suite of environmental measures, the cruise industry was, and continues to be, required to document and report to Transport Canada on implementation. 

Among the 47 cruise ships that have entered Canadian waters this year, only one has been unable to fully implement the new measures due to safety concerns and geographical constraints.

Cruise lines successfully implementing new measures

Compliance with the enhanced measures is also verified during formal inspections of cruise ships. 

The first set of results from this reporting demonstrates that the cruise ship industry has successfully implemented the new measures thus far this year.

This is significant progress towards reducing the environmental impacts of cruise ships and other vessels on the water. 

These strict measures, along with additional planned measures for other areas of concern, including scrubber discharges that release acidic wastewater into the ocean, will continue to help keep our waters and our environment clean.

The Honourable Joyce Murray, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard says that protecting the oceans and their ecosystems is a top priority. He explains that these important measures, which exceed international standards, demonstrate how the Government of Canada is taking strong action to protect the oceans for the future. 

Murray concludes: 

"This charts a more sustainable course for the tourism industry.”

These new measures are consistent with the Government of Canada’s commitment to keep marine ecosystems safe and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

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