Monday,  March 27, 2023  9:40 pm

A busy fall for TravelOnly

A busy fall for TravelOnly

TravelOnly recently participated in the second annual Palace Experience Global Conference from Sept. 27-30, in Cancun, Mexico.

Palace Resorts’ annual conference invited elite travel industry professionals, including 17 of TravelOnly’s top selling agents, to immerse themselves in the guest experience and learn more about luxury travel at Palace Resorts. TravelOnly representatives Holly McBean, VP training, CTC and Kathleen Campbell, TravelOnly associate, Vancouver, were awarded Gold Crown Awards at the event.

TravelOnly also held its recent Halifax Cruise-a-thon, where the agency’s East Coast associates and potential travel guests had the chance to experience some of today’s most luxurious cruise ships.

PHOTO: Holly McBean, TravelOnly; Antione Laroche – Voyages Gendron/Flextour; Sharon Wilson –BDM-Alberta, Prairies, Palace Resorts; Jatinger Singh – Hype Travel; Juan Carlos Calderon, corporate director of sales, Canada, Palace Resorts; Carol Chartrand, Voyages Jean Pierre; Kathleen Campbell, TravelOnly; Victoria Chudleigh, Crystal Water Weddings; Peter Tran, BDM - BC, NWT, Yukon, Palace Resorts.