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WTTC calls on U.K. gov't to ditch "widely discredited" travel traffic light system

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  •   09-01-2021  1:46 am
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WTTC calls on U.K. gov't to ditch "widely discredited" travel traffic light system
WTTC says both consumers and travel and tourism businesses have lost confidence in the U.K's traffic light system, which is used to restart international travel. (WTTC)
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The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is calling on the UK government to bring an end to the "widely discredited travel traffic light system."

The call comes after the latest update which saw just seven countries added to the green list, with Thailand, a popular winter sun destination for holiday-starved Brits, and Montenegro, added to the red list. 

Turkey, widely expected to be able to welcome British visitors, stayed in no-go red, seriously damaging its travel sector.

WTTC, which represents the global travel and tourism private sector, says both consumers and travel and tourism businesses have lost confidence in the system

"It condemns the endless chopping and changing of countries that causes confusion, and only benefits an unregulated market of costly test suppliers," the council said in a new release on Tuesday (Aug. 31).

The global tourism body says planning for most businesses, and holidaymakers, had been rendered next to impossible by the 51st change announced today.

WTTC says the "time has come to ditch" these disruptive updates completely and allow all those fully vaccinated to travel freely once more unless travelling to a red-list country.

"Travel should be allowed with testing, for the unvaccinated, to ensure those who are unable to get vaccinated are not discriminated against," the WTTC said. 

PCRs should be replaced with the more affordable antigen tests, it added. 

However, if the UK government continues to insist on costly and unnecessary PCR tests, it should bear the cost instead of passing it on to consumers, which deters Britons from travelling. 

Costly testing is putting travel out of the reach of hard-working families and returning it to the preserve of the wealthy.  

“The traffic light system is widely discredited. It puts the UK at a disadvantage and is squandering the vaccine dividend," Julia Simpson, WTTC President & CEO said in a statement. “This is the 51st change in a baffling array of travel bans. Holidaymakers are confused and frustrated. The UK government is seriously damaging the Travel & Tourism sector which in turn supports thousands of businesses and jobs.

“The UK government appears to have no exit plan. The Global Travel Taskforce, set up to oversee these haphazard travel restrictions must set out a clear strategy to recover normal travel.

“Nowhere should be off limits to anyone in the UK who is fully vaccinated, except in exceptional circumstances."

“Turkey is a wonderful country and has been a very popular destination for British holidays for many years. The U.K. government’s decision to keep it on a no-go ‘red’ list is very disappointing." 

"Travel and tourism businesses up and down the country were looking forward to welcoming British holidaymakers and the return of Turks living in the UK who are desperate to visit family and friends. WTTC will do all we can to reverse this decision.”

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