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WestJet tightens policies around staff cannabis use

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  •   10-10-2018  11:19 am
WestJet tightens policies around staff cannabis use

WestJet is treating marijuana differently from than alcohol when it comes to regulating staff in certain “safety-sensitive positions” even they aren’t on the clock. 

Following the lead of Air Canada, the airliner updated its alcohol and drug policy yesterday, the Canadian Press (CP) reports. 

WestJet’s alcohol policy prohibits some staff members from consuming within 12 hours of starting duty. The airline is taking a stricter position on cannabis, however, prohibiting staff in certain positions, such as flight and cabin crew members, flight dispatchers, aircraft maintenance engineers and station attendants, from consuming the drug. 

The new policy also includes a ban on possession or distribution of cannabis on WestJet property, while on duty, or attending a company function, CP reports. 

The company's policy change comes in preparation for the legalization of recreational cannabis use next week.