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Tech-driven future is bright as travel pros launch new loyalty program

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  •   12-14-2022  2:17 pm
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Tech-driven future is bright as travel pros launch new loyalty program
From left: Tim Morgan, managing director, NigelKane Management Inc.; Diana Fletcher, president & co-founder, TruCash; Huguette Masse, co-founder, TruCash; Ryan McElroy, founder, C Squared Ventures. (Supplied)
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TruCash, a global financial services provider, has launched a dedicated subsidiary, A Tru Moment, with a unique technology-driven, loyalty-focused financial solution to maximize the lifetime relationship cycle between travel supplier, retailer, and consumer. 

For more than 20 years, TruCash has been providing loyalty, marketing, and payment solutions for travel and tourism-related companies including Transat, Westgate Resorts, Greater Toronto Airport Authority, and the Los Angeles Metro

Through its longstanding relationship with VISA and banking institutions, TruCash has developed proprietary solutions that allow it to offer exclusive fintech products that are unique to its leading position in the heavily regulated Financial Services industry. 

“With decades of experience running successful travel programs already under our belt, we’re doubling down on this focus as tourism enters a post-pandemic boom,” said Diana Fletcher, president and co-founder, TruCash. “By combining TruCash’s experience with the larger travel experience of our A Tru Moment investors, we’re investing heavily in a technology-driven future for this sector.” 

In addition to Fletcher, rounding out the advisory and investment group in A Tru Moment are Huguette Masse, co-founder, TruCash; Ryan McElroy, founder, C Squared Ventures; and Tim Morgan, managing director, NigelKane Management Inc. 

McElroy and Morgan have each been leading figures in the global travel industry for nearly 20 years, having invested in, worked for, or advised leading brands including Jerne, Virtuoso, Collette, Enso Connect, Hotelbeds, and Air Canada Vacations, among others. 

“The travel industry is running on legacy systems that are not built for the future of travel distribution,” said McElroy. “When Tim and I were looking for a partner to service the technology-forward solutions that we’re invested in, TruCash was the sole company providing anywhere close to what we were looking for. We realized there was an opportunity to help the wider industry with the challenge of loyalty solutions and our partnership with Diana and Huguette was born.” 

Jerne, a marketplace for influential travel creators (influencers, photographers, bloggers, and more) and experience providers (hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, restaurants, spas, and more) has signed on as its first customer. 

A Tru Moment exclusively powers Jerne’s loyalty and payments solution for thousands of travel creators in 35 countries and over 600,000 experience providers in nearly every country in the world. 

To fulfill its travel industry expansion goals under the A Tru Moment banner, the existing 200 person Tru Cash team will see an increased headcount of 50 by early 2023. 

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