Thursday,  May 26, 2022  3:37 am, Canada's no. 1 travel email service, just got better!

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  •   04-21-2022  10:00 am
  •   Pax Global Media, Canada's no. 1 travel email service, just got better!
Quick Presse, Pax Global Media's leading email service for Canada's travel industry, has gotten a facelift.
Pax Global Media

There’s no doubt that our industry has been facing very challenging circumstances over the past two years, which has hurt many businesses in the industry. 

During this time, Pax Global Media Inc. worked diligently to maintain a high quality of service for our subscribers and readers, including working to enhance the functionality of, our travel promotion mailing service. 

This year also marks Pax Global Media Inc.'s 30th anniversary, and among our achievements over the past three decades is the introduction of Quick Presse, the first email service for Canada's travel industry. 

First made available through fax, this platform quickly gained a reputation in the industry as a powerful promotional tool as supplier promotions were faxed daily to travel professionals using the platform. 

A few years later, Pax Global Media Inc. (then known as Logimonde) became the first company in Canada's travel industry to convert Quick Presse from fax to email.

Today, Quick Presse is known across Canada as the largest travel promotion mailing service that suppliers use to promote their offers to travel professionals with simplicity, speed, and results. 

New and more user-friendly functionalities have been added to

In the past year, significant resources were invested to include new and more user-friendly functionalities to this platform.

Directly from, industry partners can now select and purchase the preferred package using PayPal. Once the secure transaction is complete, an invoice and receipt are automatically emailed. 

Some of the key features include a selection of ten free templates to help design email campaigns, as well as real-time statistics available after each campaign through the dashboard. 

So that our partners can fully take advantage of this platform, we are always available to provide guidance on all of its features. is also popular among travel companies looking for new employees, and travel professionals looking for new job opportunities. 

Due to the pandemic, this service naturally saw a drop in usage, but since September, activities have increased again – an excellent sign for our industry!

Coming soon 

Our plans also include two other major projects that we hope to unveil before the end of the year. 

One of these will include updates to and, which remain our industry's leading source of news and information.

Pax Global Media believes travel will rebound from the COVID-19 crisis and we’re here to provide useful resources to travel professionals to help them succeed.

Get Quick Presse today!

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