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This new app features unlimited Wi-Fi data roaming in 90+ countries

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  •   09-27-2018  11:27 am
This new app features unlimited Wi-Fi data roaming in 90+ countries

A new travel Wi-Fi hotspot and wireless charger has arrived, providing international travellers from more than 90 countries with 35 active hours of unlimited 4G/3G Wi-Fi data roaming.

Fonebud W, recently funded by Indiegogo, is now guaranteed to ship this November, making it a great stocking stuffer for the traveller on your holiday shopping list.

How Fonebud W works

The following features are available with Fonebud W:

  • Multifunctionality as a 3G/4G Wi-Fi hotspot and 10,000mAh wireless charger
  • Compatible with any electronic device with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • LTE network access from 90+ countries
  • Connectivity for up to 8 devices at one time
  • Comes with 2GB of free international data
  • Instant data reload though companion app
  • Option to continue using previously purchased data plans in another country

Up to eight devices can be connected to Fonebud W at once, which allows coworkers, families and friends to use Wi-Fi simultaneously.

Because the hotspot also functions as a wireless or USB charging station, users can easily charge while they roam. Unlike
similar available products, Fonebud W has no monthly fee — users pay as they go and keep the extra data for later. 

Users choose from individual country packs with 90 or 365 days validity.

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