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LogiMonde media rebrands as PAX Global Media Inc.

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  •   09-17-2018  2:31 pm
LogiMonde media rebrands as PAX Global Media Inc.

Logimonde media has announced that it has changed its name, effective immediately.

Under a new operating name, PAX Global Media Inc. will continue to offer a wide range of products and services, respective to the Canadian travel trade, for both English and French Canada.

Ready to expand

With three offices across Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal), PAX Global Media has positioned itself to saturate the market on an international scale. All existing products from PAX Global Media Inc. will be optimized in order to better reflect the changing demands of advertisers, suppliers, and readers alike.

What’s new

PAX Global Media Inc. now features a user-friendly client portal which allows individuals to upload their own brochures and post upcoming FAMs and events.

Highly-visual, the new website integrates motion through the use of sliding advertisements and banners, allowing our advertisers to quickly grab the attention of clients and readers who browse the news sites.

New categories have been added to the websites:

  • BUZZ: news that’s trending in the travel industry
  • PEOPLE: interviews, appointments, and exclusives
  • PAXORAMA: exclusive photos, and video reports of PGM trips around the globe
  • OPINIONS: Op-ed pieces from familiar faces in the industry
  • TOOLS OF THE TRADE: contests, events, FAMS, brochures, jobs

Several categories, including HOTELS, AIR, and CRUISE, remain unchanged.,, and and the print magazines (English and French), can be found under the umbrella

 Products and services

The following are a list of the products offered by PAX Global Media Inc.:

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