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BranchUp's content now reaches 10 million consumers on Facebook

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  •   10-19-2023  5:51 am
  •   Pax Global Media
BranchUp's content now reaches 10 million consumers on Facebook
Pax Global Media

Marketing technology and media company BranchUp says it has marked a major milestone with its content now reaching 10 million North American consumers on Facebook.

The consumers are followers of the 40,000 travel advisors in Canada and the U.S. who are now supported with social media content by BranchUp – based on an average of 250 consumers per travel advisor.

“We are very proud to now reach 10 million highly qualified consumers through 40,000 travel professionals both in Canada and the U.S.“ said Michael Drever, BranchUp founder, in a press release. “We are providing these travel advisors with social media marketing that both engages their clients and generates leads. “

Drever points out that 10 million consumers is more than the circulation of several major consumer travel magazines combined.

“This is no doubt why more and more travel suppliers are signing up with BranchUp to distribute their content,” he added.

The BranchUp program allows travel professionals to focus on working with customers, not searching for content. And the supplier is secure in the knowledge that their offers and promotions are getting out to the public immediately.

The travel professional’s Facebook Business Page is automatically updated daily by BranchUp with posts that their clients can like, share and click.

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