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ACTA posts FAQ on Budget 2022 and the end of financial aid

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  •   04-21-2022  3:03 pm
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ACTA posts FAQ on Budget 2022 and the end of financial aid
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The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA) has published an FAQ that aims to clarify and provide additional context to the federal government's recent decision to end pandemic aid subsides as part of Budget 2022. 

Even if the recent easing of travel restrictions has led to an uptick in business, the road to a full recovery remains a long one for the travel industry. 

It's therefore understandable why ACTA, and some agents, are feeling let down by the government's direction. 

ACTA says it has received some comments from travel agencies and independent travel agents expressing disappointment about the end of subsidies.

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“ACTA is also disappointed, but not surprised, as there were many signals coming from the government close to the federal budget release that COVID related subsidies were ending,” said Wendy Paradis, president of ACTA, in a statement on Thursday (April 21) 

“ACTA understands some travel agencies and independent travel agents are disappointed and understandably upset that financial subsidies were not included in the federal budget. At this point, it is clear that further pursuing financial subsidies after a definite ‘no’ is not in our members’ interest, when there is no reasonable prospect of success." 

"We also do not want to give travel agencies and independent travel agents false hope.” 

ACTA reviewed Budget 2022, and its own future advocacy plans, at a town hall on April 11. Click here to read PAX's coverage from the virtual event. 

ACTA's latest FAQ available is available here.

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