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What the cluck: Popeye’s ‘emotional support chicken’ takes flight

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  •   12-19-2018  9:48 am
What the cluck: Popeye’s ‘emotional support chicken’ takes flight

Capitalizing on the recent debate over the presence of emotional support animals on flights, fried chicken restaurant chain Popeye’s has engaged in an inspired bit of viral marketing sure to ruffle a few feathers.

The restaurant recently unveiled its ‘Emotional Support Chicken’ packaging at its location in Terminal C of Philadelphia International Airport, touting it as a ‘TSA-approved’ support animal with the aim of easing the stress of holiday travel with a few bites. The packaging will only be available at PHL while supplies last.

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The promotion was inspired by the recent slew of stories on support animals that were denied boarding on various U.S. flights, from small pets like squirrels and tarantulas up to larger animals such as turkeys and peacocks.