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WestJet introduces SmartSeats concept

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  •   04-02-2015  8:53 am
WestJet introduces SmartSeats concept

WestJet today announced SmartSeats, a new concept in boarding its aircraft that could change the way people fly.

The SmartSeats concept is simple; the seats in the lounge are the seats on the aircraft. Guests ride the SmartSeats directly between the boarding lounge and the plane. The SmartSeats project team created a brief video now available on WestJet's YouTube channel and Facebook page to assist in explaining the concept.

"WestJet has long been considered an innovator in improving the guest experience," said Richard Bartrem, WestJet vice-president, communications and community relations. "Prior to arriving at the boarding lounge, our guests have already lined up to check in, to get through security, to grab a cup of coffee and to buy a book or a magazine for the flight. We understand the small inconveniences associated with flying and we are always trying to make improvements. SmartSeats are the next step in a constant evolution toward a seamless boarding process."

SmartSeats could allow guests to board seven times faster than traditional boarding without any of the hassle involved with lining up and actually walking down the bridge to board the aircraft. Now guests can sit down in the lounge, get out a book or a laptop, and let WestJet do the rest.

Don't forget to share the latest concept in boarding found on WestJet's YouTube channel and Facebook page, visit for an April Fools' Day treat, and read more about WestJet's SmartSeats on the WestJet blog.