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WestJet introduces an easy to use COVID screening program for guests

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  •   11-26-2021  9:32 am
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WestJet introduces an easy to use COVID screening program for guests
WestJet Group today announced a significant expansion of its COVID-19 screening program through AZOVA, a leading-edge digital health technology platform. (AZOVA)
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The WestJet Group today announced a significant expansion to its COVID-19 testing program through AZOVA, a leading digital health technology platform, making it easier for guests to book their holiday travel knowing all their COVID testing requirements are available with an easy-to-use website.

An extensive network of approved sites

The AZOVA app allows guests to select from a wide network of approved testing locations across Canada and most WestJet transborder and international destinations.

AZOVA also offers rapid molecular self-administered testing options with video proctors to enable testing and certification.

With AZOVA's app-based program, guests have access to a vast network of approved testing locations across Canada and the majority of WestJet transborder and international destinations. (AZOVA)

Guests can take these tests from home or at any destination to satisfy the Government of Canada's pre-entry PCR testing requirements. The COVID-19 testing services offered by AZOVA meet entry requirements for every destination and allow travellers to self-administer or take in-person tests before departure. 

Providing guests peace of mind

As travellers start booking travel outside Canada for the first time in almost two years, WestJet says it's crucial to provide guests with the peace of mind that all the COVID requirements they'll encounter can be booked, conducted, and stored right in the AZOVA app.

"We've heard from our guests that pre-departure testing, and entry requirements are confusing, complex and inconsistent,” said Dr. Tammy McKnight, WestJet's Chief Medical Officer. “We are confident that AZOVA's easy-to-use self-testing options and network of testing locations will give guests the confidence they need to plan their next flight or vacation."

Seamless solution for guests

AZOVA recognizes that COVID testing can be confusing and overwhelming, as requirements vary for each destination. The company's app provides an end-to-end solution that allows guests to quickly identify what tests are required wherever they are and to purchase or schedule them anywhere in the world from a single app.

"We are thrilled to be working with WestJet and Swoop to bring this solution to guests and travellers everywhere," said Cheryl Lee Eberting, MD, CEO and Founder of AZOVA. "Once you have received your test results, enter your AZOVA Credential ID into the AZOVA WestJet and Swoop site and receive a travel clearance on the AZOVA app for your destination. You can simply show your travel clearance at the gate with no paperwork and no confusing forms required."

Portable and In-Destination Lab Testing

Guests who are travelling outside of Canada for a period of more than 72 hours after November 30th will be required to present a negative molecular test taken within 72 hours of their flight.

AZOVA offers an at-home RT-LAMP test, called the Lucira Check-It COVID-19 test kit with video proctoring which can be purchased and delivered to your home in Canada.

Travellers can take the tests from the comfort of their home to meet the entrance requirements of most destinations, and they can pack them and take them to the destination to meet the requirements for return travel to Canada.

In addition to availability in Canada, AZOVA also offers the Lucira Check-It COVID-19 test kit to be purchased and delivered to a traveller’s destination in the United States.

Self-administered tests can be purchased here.

For guests booking flights outside Canada, visit AZOVA's website to learn what testing is required. 

Guests can either book an in-person test through AZOVA's comprehensive lab network or order self-administrated testing kits, where applicable.

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