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Transat launches new air+rail combo with SNCF

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  •   01-07-2019  9:44 am
Transat launches new air+rail combo with SNCF

Air Transat is now offering travellers a new service combining plane and train, in partnership with the SNCF in France.

It is now possible to book and combine an Air Transat flight to Paris with railway travel, and to explore 18 cities in France, as well as Brussels, in Belgium for a single rate. Plus, passengers benefit from a protection policy in case of a flight or train delay.

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How it works

For Canadian departures, travellers will do the following:

1. Check in at the Air Transat counter for your boarding pass and baggage drop-off. Take off for Paris‑Charles de Gaulle airport, Terminal 3.
2. Pick up your baggage, and transfer to Terminal 2 (TN) at the Paris CDG Airport. Check in at the TGV AIR counter for your train ticket.
3. Take the train to your final destination. Make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to board your train.

For European departures, the steps are the same, just reversed!

Quick FAQs

  • With TGV AIR, pets will not be allowed on board or in the baggage hold. The only exception will be emotional support and service dogs, upon presentation of certification.
  • Wheelchairs—in the unfolded position—must not exceed 75 cm in width and 117 cm in length. The combined weight of the wheelchair and passenger must not exceed 150 kg. 
  • There is no specific baggage allowance for the train. 
  • Club Class passengers will be automatically assigned to first class on the train, while Economy Class passengers will be assigned to second class.

The TGV AIR service is currently available via GDS, TTS, SIREV as well as in call centres.

For details, visit https://www.airtransat.com/en-CA/tgv-air or see Get Connected.