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Transat customizes travel documents with new visual details

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  •   12-13-2018  4:04 pm
Transat customizes travel documents with new visual details

Transat has announced that from now on, all travellers who have booked a package via TTS (South or Europe package) will find the details of their stay on all new customized travel documents with revamped design.

As of the first page, travellers will be in vacation mode, with a visual overview of their hotel and their type of room. Their itinerary is presented in a clear and personalized manner, in particular by specifying the precise baggage allowance to which they are entitled with their reservation.

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Taking care of details

A host of small improvements have been made to simplify the traveller's journey, including an identical header and footer on all travel documents, detailing the flight, the hotel transfer, excursions, etc., without forgetting the contact details of the agent responsible for the booking.

To learn more about new travel documents, see Get Connected.