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From Tianguis: Sunquest, MTB introduce exclusive program

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  •   03-27-2015  11:01 am
From Tianguis: Sunquest, MTB introduce exclusive program

Sunquest Vacations and the Mexico Tourism Board have announced an innovative program offering 10-day vacation packages that cost less than the typical seven-day stay by Canadians.

The program, exclusive to Mexico through a partnership with the Mexico Tourism Board, Sunquest and participating destinations, was made possible through flexible packaging and using multiple airlines and mid-week return flights, said Brad Miron, VP of marketing and business development for Sunquest.

The new program will serve as a differentiator in the market and an innovative way to give participating and featured destinations in the program a competitive edge, Sunquest said, adding that Canadian consumers will spend more time in destination, which impacts incremental room nights with hoteliers and in-destination spend due to the longer length of stay.