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#ThrowbackThursday with Air Canada

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  •   03-20-2015  9:19 am
#ThrowbackThursday with Air Canada

The early TCA flight attendant uniforms were designed by flight attendant Lucile Garner Grant, and custom-made in English wool gabardine by Vancouver’s foremost tailor. More functional than flirty, the beige two-button gabardine suits were meant to “remind passengers more of the girl next door, rather than the femme fatale.” Grant also designed the second TCA stewardess uniform: a navy blue skirt suit, a white blouse (or crewneck sweater for cold weather), and matching white gloves. Like trusty Girl Guides, TCA stewardesses were always well prepared, and their satchels stocked with an unlikely combination: Alka-Seltzer, cigarettes, and matches.

Air Canada's flight attendant uniform todayThe eighth and current version of the Air Canada uniform was introduced in January 2006 to all Air Canada staff. It was previewed at an employee celebration in October 2004, with Celine Dion sporting the elegant, tailored blue ensemble. The look is a cross between the simple blue corporate suit, and the mix ‘n match, accessorized style of the seventies. Designed by Canadian Debbie Shuchat, the look is retro, streamlined, elegant, and fits in tone and hue with the interiors of our aircraft. The suit components include: jacket, vest, skirt, dress or trousers, as well as the choice between a short or long-sleeved pale-blue blouse/shirt, or a twin-set. Flight Attendants and Service Directors are distinguished by the colour of their scarves or ties.

Two eras, two things in common: A two-button jacket and a passion for the job!