Friday,  September 24, 2021  1:55 pm

Star Alliance carriers to offer contactless experience at airports

Star Alliance carriers to offer contactless experience at airports

Star Alliance has completed the design of a biometric recognition and identity platform intended to offer an enhanced travel experience… and without contact! 

The carriers of the Lufthansa Group (LHG) will be the first to deploy this service called Star Alliance Biometrics. Lufthansa and SWISS are currently in the process of installing special infrastructure at their hubs in Frankfurt and Munich in order to use the Star Alliance Biometrics platform for select flights starting this month. 

Members of Miles & More invited to register

The secure Star Alliance Biometrics service is offered free of charge to members of the Miles & More loyalty program of Lufthansa and SWISS who agree to share their biometric data with the parties of their choice when traveling.

By registering, they will be able to pass through security screening and the boarding gate without contact, which is an important health and hygiene measure during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The recognition process remains effective even if the passengers wear a mask. As it is not necessary to remove the mask before undergoing a biometric identity check, the requirements related to wearing the mask in the terminals can be met.

How to register?

Members of Miles & More can register for the service Star Alliance Biometrics using their mobile device by clicking on the appropriate link in the Lufthansa application and following some easy steps.

When they register, the system asks them to take a self-portrait, confirm their identity with their passport, and choose the airlines and airports for which they wish to activate the service.

Registered customers will then be able to use their biometric data multiple times at designated points of contact at participating airports when traveling with a Star Alliance airline that has activated the Star Alliance Biometrics platform .

Star Alliance ensures that the confidentiality of the service and the security of the data are total.