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Soarigami seeks to end armrest wars

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  •   12-16-2014  12:23 pm
Soarigami seeks to end armrest wars

A new travel product launching in early 2015 is designed to end in-flight armrest wars and foster better relationships between passengers, says its creator.

The Soarigami, a foldable plastic device in the shape of a paper airplane, clips onto the armrest between seats and expands the amount of available space for passengers; a ridge down the centre of the Soarigami also acts as a divider between travellers’ arms.

Retailing for $30 U.S., the Soarigami (combining the Japanese words ‘sora’ and ‘gami’ – ‘sky’ and ‘grace’) will go on sale in January to air travelers worldwide, said creator Arthur Chang, a former B.C. resident now based in Dallas.

While the initial product is yet to ship, Chang said that the company is already planning a Jet Setter Edition, ‘where the device folds up to double as a sleek iPad/tablet/phone carrying case,’ scheduled for a 2015 holiday release.

The company is quick to point out that ‘unlike products like Knee Defender, Soarigami fosters a sharing environment that makes the skies just a bit friendlier, a bit savvier.’ A dispute between passengers over use of the Knee Defender, which attaches to the back of an airline seat and prevents it from reclining fully, diverted a United Airlines flight in August.

(Image courtesy of Grace Lee Chang)