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Saskatchewan residents can now access WestJet's COVID-19 coverage

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  •   09-18-2020  9:37 am
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Saskatchewan residents can now access WestJet's COVID-19 coverage
Pax Global Media

WestJet customers in Saskatchewan can now access the airline’s COVID-19 insurance program, the airline said on Thursday (Sept. 17).

WestJet worked with its provider, TuGo, and Saskatchewan insurance regulators to ensure residents of Saskatchewan are included in the coverage, WestJet confirmed in an email to PAX.  

“We value the feedback we received from our guests and appreciate their patience as we worked to find a resolution,” wrote spokesperson Morgan Bell in an email.

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The good news comes days after it was revealed that Saskatchewan residents were initially not eligible for the insurance – WestJet’s plan, nor a similar COVID-19 insurance plan that was recently unveiled by Air Canada.

It’s not 100% as to why Saskatchewan was initially left out. 

The airlines initially cited provincial laws as the reason, but the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan told CBC that it was not aware of any provision in The Insurance Act that prevented this type of insurance policy from being offered to residents. 

Regardless, Saskatchewan travellers now access WestJet’s COVID-19 insurance, which will be added at no extra charge for passengers on international flights going to Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe, including the U.K., as long as the trips end before Aug. 31, 2021.

CTV News reports that Air Canada is working on a solution to cover residents who book Air Canada's vacation packages. 

It appears that Air Canada covers Saskatchewan residents for COVID-related expenses for regular international air travel, however. 

PAX has reached out to Air Canada for comment and clarification. 

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