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Ryanair to extend service overseas?

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  •   03-18-2015  9:50 am
Ryanair to extend service overseas?

In tandem with the launch of Ryanair’s winter 2015 schedule which included 1,600 routes across its European network, the Irish airline’s board has approved plans to introduce service between Europe and the U.S., with fares beginning at £10 (nearly $15 US).

According to the Guardian, flights would depart from major European and U.K. cities such as London, Dublin and Berlin, with destinations including up to 14 American cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago and Miami. The airline confirmed it is seeking options with regards to purchasing long-haul aircraft for the service.

The announcement has led to mixed responses from experts, with the Irish Times’ Cantillon observing that although recent developments in fuel-efficient aircraft make low ticket prices for transatlantic flights a possibility, Ryanair’s infamous ability to provide fast air service would not translate to long-haul flights.

Forbes called attention to the a la carte price structures of airlines Ryanair, Wow and Norwegian, stating that although Ryanair’s base ticket price is low, additional fees applied for basic elements of travel (such as checking in and printing a boarding pass) raise the £10 price point and ultimately remove some of its sheen.

The Guardian has reported that depending on Ryanair’s success in procuring long-haul aircraft, its plans for transatlantic service could be put in motion in as early as four years.