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Porter updates tentative restart of flights to June 21

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  •   04-12-2021  10:18 am
  •   Pax Global Media
Porter updates tentative restart of flights to June 21
Pax Global Media

Porter Airlines is resetting its tentative date for resuming flights to June 21, the airline said on Monday (Apr. 12). 

“In recent weeks, there has been open discussion by government officials about easing travel restrictions based on expectations that vaccination programs will be well advanced in the U.S. and Canada by early summer,” said Michael Deluce, president and CEO of Porter Airlines. “We recognize that short-term public health measures have been enhanced recently in certain jurisdictions. At the same time, we are looking ahead to summer and preparing for the possibility of some travel restrictions unwinding. We will begin the process of rebuilding our operations as soon as conditions allow based on government decisions.”

Porter previously set May 19 as its tentative restart date. 

Operations were temporarily suspended on March 21, 2020, due to COVID-19.

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