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New Xcaret parks in Mexico available for booking

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  •   09-30-2014  12:11 pm
New Xcaret parks in Mexico available for booking

Travellers heading to Mexico’s Mayan Riviera can enjoy one of three new facilities in the region, featuring activities ranging from gondola rides to snorkeling in underground caverns.

Rocio Flores from Experiencias Xcaret met with PAX recently to discuss the new attractions, all currently open and ready for booking, which are the latest to join the Experiencias Xcaret group of parks on the Yucatan peninsula.


Thirty-two gondolas, or trajineras, each named after Mexico’s 32 states are waiting for travellers at Xoximilco, taking visitors on an evening journey of Cancun’s canals complete with dinner and live music. Each gondola can hold 20 passengers for the attraction’s three-hour tour, said Flores, adding that tours begin at 7:30 p.m.

Xplore Fuego

Flores explained that Xplore Fuego was designed with night owls in mind, offering several different experiences for those who have spent a day relaxing poolside or in their hotel room. Opening at 5:30 p.m., this all-inclusive park features activities such as ziplining, snorkeling, rafting and exploring trails by off-road vehicle - all at night. With the Spanish word for ‘fire’ right in the name, Flores said that many of the paths are lit by torches or flashlights carried by visitors.


Described by Flores as “an encounter with the natural world,” this centrally-located park within the Mayan Riviera boasts four distinct areas (each named after one of the four classical elements) and activities – ziplining at Wind, snorkeling and swimming in a semi-underground cavern at Earth, kayaking through the waterways of Fire, and snorkeling through the jungle at Water. This park, said Flores, features an all-inclusive package and opens early, with pick-ups from area hotels starting at 8 a.m.

Facts and figures:

- In 2013, more than 952,000 Canadian travellers came to the Yucatan, with 75 per cent of that figure staying in the Mayan Riviera and 25 per cent travelling to Cancun. The average stay, said Flores, was 7.5 days and 72 per cent of Canadians stayed in four- or five-star accommodations.

- Of those Canadian travellers in 2013, 11.6 per cent travelled with their children and 64 per cent of travellers took part in a tour or similar activity.

- For Xcaret, Canada was the fourth-largest source of international travellers last year.

- Reasons that Canadian tourists provided for travelling to the region included culture, relaxation, adventure or to celebrate a special occasion or milestone.

For more information, visit http://en.xcaretexperiencias.com.