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Italy serves a taste of Expo 2015

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  •   03-25-2015  10:09 am
Italy serves a taste of Expo 2015

The future of food and a meal crafted by a Michelin chef were on the menu this week, as the Italian National Tourist Board and its partners welcomed the travel industry to learn more about the upcoming Expo 2015 and related travel opportunities.

The board, along with the Consulate General of Italy, the Istituto di Cultura, Italian trade Commission and Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario, welcomed guests to the event, the highlight of which was a meal crafted by Michelin-starred Chef Giancarlo Morelli, served to guests following the presentation.

Eugenio Magnani, director - North America, Italian Government Tourist Board said that Expo 2015 will welcome more than 140 countries to Milan between May 1 and Oct. 31, during which more than 20 million international travellers are expected to attend, with 60 events taking place each day. The theme of Expo 2015 – ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy For Life’ – will focus on the issue of maintaining a sustainable and nutritious food supply for the entire globe and visitors can expect to see the culinary highlights of each country on display, said Magnani, adding that a number of pavilions will be grouped in ‘clusters’ bound by a common food staple, such as rice, spices and coffee.

“Food is an incredible issue,” Magnani said. “There are too many people eating too much and too many not eating enough.”

Stefano Giovanelli, director, Toscana PromozioneMagnani added that while Expo is a reason in itself to visit Italy, the board is promoting additional travel opportunities for visitors throughout the various regions of Italy. Stefano Giovanelli, director of Toscana Promozione, was on hand for the event promoting Tuscany, which will have its own pavilion at Expo for the month of May followed by a display in central Milan for 26 weeks, showcasing a different aspect of the region each week. Giovanelli added that there are currently 18 different tours to Tuscany – 10 for tourists and eight aimed at business delegations – offered by the organization, highlighting everything from food and wine and the region’s Renaissance history to fashion and technology.

Toronto restauranteur Roberto Dante Martella also spoke during the event, highlighting the wide variety of both food and destinations which Italy has to offer.

“You can’t be a fan of Italy if you pick one place and visit it repeatedly,” Martella said.

PHOTO: Eugenio Magnani, director - North America, Italian National Tourist Board; Giuseppe Pastorelli, consul general of Italy; Roberto Dante Martella, owner, Grano Restaurant.