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GlobalCare 365 launches Trip Readiness Plan

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  •   03-20-2015  8:50 am
GlobalCare 365 launches Trip Readiness Plan

GlobalCare 365, a concierge travel health service for travellers allowing them to connect 24/7 with a medical professional for personalized assistance and advice, has introduced the Trip Readiness Plan, a new feature tailored to the health needs of individual travellers.

The plan, based on the client’s medical profile and destinations they will visit, includes reminders of what medication needs to be ordered and packed, advisories on travel inoculations, information about the destination and the potential effects on the client’s medical condition, and other notes and recommendations for the client to better prepare for a healthier trip.  The plan is submitted to the client directly once the medical assessment has been completed, before their departure.The Premium and Concierge Care Packages include the Trip Readiness Plan, while the Standard Care Package remains the same.

Agents are directed to refer clients to; all sales as a result of referrals are compensated with a minimum 13 per cent commission.

GlobalCare was featured in a story on last year.

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