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G Adventures' Rail program is full steam ahead

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  •   10-30-2014  11:26 am
G Adventures' Rail program is full steam ahead

Train packages through more than 20 countries across five continents are now available to travellers through G Adventures’ new Rail program, offering 25 itineraries of varying lengths and opportunities for travellers to connect with their destinations.

Meeting a demand from travellers seeking affordable rail packages, the program’s initial 25 itineraries last between seven and 54 days’ duration and feature countries as diverse as Bulgaria, Canada, China, Hungary, India, Japan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, South Africa and the U.S. The rail itineraries feature is included as an insert in G Adventures’ 2015 Earth brochure, which is available now. 

Itineraries in the new program include The Silk Road of China, Budapest to Istanbul by Rail, Kolkata to Goa by Rail, to name only a few.

“The new rail trips link remote, scenic and iconic destinations in an eco-conscious way,” said Rachel Wasser, G Adventures’ Innovation Manager. “Our small groups of international travellers will have the same cultural interactions they do on all our trips, with insider knowledge provided by a local chief experience officer.” 

According to Wasser, the new program took almost a year to develop, involving research into destinations “with solid rail systems that are able to offer the G Adventures style of travel.

“We realized that there was a big hole in the market for our type of train travel,” Wasser told PAX, adding that the wide range of itineraries offer something for every traveller and age demographic. “There weren’t many options that offered guests an affordable, grass-roots travel experience with cultural encounters…. India, Europe and China have always been popular destinations among Canadians, so we expect those regions will do well.”

Fitting in with G Adventures’ social philosophy, the new program puts travellers directly in touch with the residents of a destination (including visits to community projects managed by Planeterra, G’s non-profit foundation) while travelling in a way that produces less pollution than other forms, said Wasser.

“Like all G trips, our Rail adventures are immersive and include cultural encounters such as home stays and home-cooked meals with local families,” she said. “We use local trains that the residents of each place use for their daily travel or holiday travel. There are real opportunities to meet locals, learn more about their way of life and make connections. Further, train travel is the greenest way to travel with less impact on the planet."

Wasser also offered the following advice to travel agents working with clients who may be interested in booking a rail package with G Adventures:

- Train travel keeps travellers connected to the landscape they’re traveling through, so they can better appreciate the destination.

- G’s Rail trips offer deeper access to some of the world’s more remote places.

- Like all G Adventures’ trips, the company’s Rail adventures include an expert Chief Experience Officer who can offer local insight and add a unique personal perspective.

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