Friday,  January 22, 2021  9:06 pm

COVID-19 insurance: Transat is seriously considering it

COVID-19 insurance: Transat is seriously considering it

WestJet did it, Air Canada did it, Sunwing did it. And abroad, several companies, including Air France, did it too. 

Offering complimentary COVID-19 coverage to travellers has officially taken off in Canada. 

But what about Transat? Will it, too, unveil a similar insurance offer?

“We are currently studying the options, but expect to be able to offer insurance to our customers very soon. An official communication will then be released," stated Debbie Cabana,  Director of Marketing, Social Media and Public Relations at Transat. 

In short, that sounds like good news. 

On the road to recovery

The insurance issue has long been one of the biggest obstacles in the resumption of travel tourism. This, of course, along with with government restrictions and the requirement of a quarantine for travellers arriving in Canada.

For many months, only a few group insurance policies covered the risks associated with COVID-19.

Regarding individual insurance, Blue Cross paved the way by reopening sales on July 22. (Truth be told, Medipac Travel Insurance had preceded it by a few days, but without really making waves, this insurer is mainly serving snowbird customers.)

At this stage, Manulife, Allianz Global Assistance, TuGo and company were still abstaining, preferring to wait for government warnings to avoid non-essential travel to be lifted, before moving forward.

Blue Cross, for its part, strongly encouraged Canadians to follow government recommendations while specifying that no exclusion was related to these warnings!

Then, in early August, Oceana Tours launched Oceana Care , a comprehensive COVID-aware program (in collaboration with insurance company Crum & Forster, SPCtravel Insurance & GBG Insurance Limited).

A few weeks later, Air Canada Vacations announced that an insurance and assistance plan for COVID-19 provided by Allianz Global Assistance would be offered at no additional cost to its customers.

The news accelerated with announcements from Manulife, Sunwing, Air Canada and and now, an upcoming one, perhaps, from Transat.

We can only applaud this step forward. It remains to be hoped that popular pressure will succeed in removing the other excessive obstacles in the resumption of travel tourism.