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Canadian beach behaviour, according to Expedia

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  •   12-17-2014  11:08 am
Canadian beach behaviour, according to Expedia

The 2014 Flip Flop Report by has surveyed beach behaviour and preferences amongst global travellers.

According to the study, two-thirds of Canadians (67 per cent) are likely to take a beach vacation in the near future; 84 per cent of those are “very” or “somewhat likely” to do so in the next 12 months say it will be without any special occasion or event in mind.

Party or peace and quiet?

When it comes to unwinding, Canadians can keep up with the best of them coming in second (54 per cent) among global travellers surveyed who like to enjoy alcoholic beverages during a beach holiday. 

This was second only to Mexicans (58 per cent) and just ahead of the Irish (53 per cent).

While indulging in libations is on our list, it’s not in a loud, party setting. Rather, Canadians are in line with the global average of 88 per cent of sun seekers who want a “serene, calm” beach destination over a “wild, party” spot.

And when it comes to the type of trip travellers are seeking, Canadians are more likely than their global counterparts to opt for an all-inclusive vacation for their next beach getaway (42 per cent).

Adventure seekers

Almost one-half of Canadians (47 per cent) say they are more adventurous on beach vacations taken outside of Canada.

Amongst adventurous activities is “getting frisky” on the beach, which one in five Canadians (20 per cent) have claimed to do while on vacation. 

Others have admitted to have shown off some skin by wearing a speedo or revealing bathing suit (14 per cent) and another 13 per cent have gone nude or topless.

However, not all Canadians are willing to show off skin – 37 per cent believe speedos are not acceptable on the beach.  As vacations are all about indulgences, one in two (49 per cent) Canadians selected sleeping in or napping as their number one indulgence while on a beach vacation, followed by eating more than they normally would (44 per cent) and consuming more alcohol than normal ranked just as indulgent as being more intimate with their partner (41 per cent).