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Canada-U.S. border deal could speed up screenings

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  •   03-18-2015  10:32 am
Canada-U.S. border deal could speed up screenings

A pre-clearance border agreement between Canada and the U.S. could see more travellers from both countries screened before getting to the border, easing screening times for cross-border travel.

The agreement, signed yesterday by Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney and U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, would allow Canadian and U.S. customs agents to work across the border in their neighbouring country, screening travellers arriving by land, rail or sea at points before they cross the border, easing congestion.

According to a report by the Canadian Press, the arrangement would be similar to an existing agreement at several airports, including Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, where travellers can pass through U.S. customs and bypass lines when they arrive.

The agreement, which still requires legal and financial approval, is part of the 2011 Beyond The Border program between Canada and the U.S., established to increase the flow of trade while maintaining security at the border.